At the forefront of the development of new technologies in the biomedical field. Able to transform ideas into reality, making use of Project Management techniques for the linear and scrupulous management of each phase of the project.


Professionals with different experience and skills. Industrial Engineers, Computer Engineers and Physiotherapists, whose performances, interactions and relationships converge towards the achievement of a very specific goal.


What would be the ultimate goal of innovation if not to improve the quality of life?

About us

Me.DI.Cal Srl is an Innovative StartUp established in October 2019, from a project started in 2018. It was born from the synergy between engineering and physiotherapy, to solve concrete problems encountered in the field of rehabilitation.

MeDICal can boast a team of 7 young professionals with consolidated and synergistic experience, whose performances, interactions and relationships converge towards the achievement of a specific goal. They each have different fields of expertise, this allows the linear and scrupulous management of each phase of the project.

The startup, in addition to numerous contests, has won the startup and spinoff call for the Calabria Region, is the owner of two Patents for Industrial Invention, one of which is international, and has filed a third patent application.

To date, the company has created two devices, an app and offers consulting services to individuals and businesses.



(Innovative Modular Brace),
it is a new concept of orthopedic brace which, with a unique design and a specially conceived mechanism, allows it to be adapted to any size of wrist and arm.

The modular basic components of the proposed brace are rings and rods, which when assembled will constitute the brace itself. Thanks to its very high modularity, comfort and ease of installation, our brace represents an innovative solution to the problem of fracture trauma.

The proposed braces, as they are designed, are suitable for all patients and offer a unique product on the market for all those people who wish to face the trauma with greater comfort, using a completely innovative and revolutionary approach.


( Postural Body Data Screening),
the machinery is a multifunctional tool for rehabilitation analysis, which allows for a global data collection on the whole body (postural, thermographic and biometric), in order to guarantee objectivity and rapidity.

The machinery does not replace the operator, but turns out to be a key tool for data collection suitable for postural analysis. Diagnosis and therapy are the responsibility of the doctor or professional in the sector. It can also be used as a screening test, showing the deviation of the parameters (associated with posture) detected in the individual patient compared to the average and typical values. The simplest and most routine use is to perform a pre-therapy exam, post-therapy exam, and compare measurements.

Overall, the examination is free from radiation emissions and allows to carry out repeated periodic checks and to verify the effectiveness of the chosen therapy, customizing the rehabilitation plan, enhancing prevention, simplifying the diagnosis process and allowing surveys and monitoring both in public and private, both in schools which in sports centers.


PHE ( Physiotherapy Home Exercise ), is the first app in Italy designed for physiotherapists and for those involved in rehabilitation exercise plans.

PHE allows you to organize the rehabilitation exercise plan for patients with just a few clicks, offering over 100 exercises and 4 modes, with series, repetitions, recovery and different load levels.

Each exercise presents reference images, guides for the execution of the exercise, and the possibility of introducing additional notes and advice for the patient.

It is also possible to keep the history of the rehabilitation plans, modify them when necessary, and forward them directly to the patient.


Many years of experience in the field of design, finite element calculation and the use of sophisticated CAD models allow our engineers to help professionals in the sector in perfecting existing solutions and developing innovative ideas.

The MeDICal team proposes the design and engineering of components for different types of use.

Thanks to recent 3D scanning and modeling techniques we are able to create CAD models with innovative geometries and thanks to the introduction of 3D printing it is possible to create components that are better suited to the host body and that are increasingly able to emulate the functionality of the original biological component.

The notable developments in the field of electronics, information technology and Additive Manufacturing provide a significant boost in the biomedical and biomechanical field, the MeDICal team also deals with the development of web, mobile and desktop apps and the design and maintenance of databases, finding always the best compromise between performance and sustainability with the aim of providing the customer with the optimal solution.


Vincenzo Genovese
Giuseppe Luci
Anthony Gallo
Production Manager
Matteo Genovese
R&D Responsible
Giacomo Spanò
Carlo Greco
Massimo Guerra


Winners Starcup Calabria 2018 – PoScreen
One of the 60 Best Italian Startups PNI Verona 2018 – PoScreen
Best Web Startup winners Best Practices Salerno 2018 – PoScreen

Winners UniCaLab 2019 –
Best Pitch award winners 2019 – IMoBra
UniCredit special award winners 2019 – IMoBra
Startup Incubation “Technest”, Università della Calabria – IMoBra
Alveare special award winners Confapi 2019 – PoScreen
Startup & SpinOff funding call winners – PoScreen e IMoBra
Winners Startcup Calabria 2019 – IMoBra
One of the 60 Best Italian Startups PNI Catania 2019 – IMoBra
Winners Best Practices Salerno 2019 – IMoBra
Alveare special award winners Confapi 2020 – IMoBra